Tumour Screening Test

Tumor markers are chemicals made by tumor cells that can be detected in your blood.

Screen through at least 7 different cancers that include:

Breast Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Colon Cancer

Pancreas Cancer

We recommend this service for patients who believe they are at high risk for ovarian, prostate, liver or thyroid cancer due to family history, or presence of symptoms, or patients that have been previously diagnosed and wish to monitor their tumour marker levels during, or after treatment. Abnormal tumour markers may indicate a form of cancer within the body from as early as early stage 1, upto stage 4.

What's Included

Your blood and urine will be extracted from the location of your choice, and will include a complimentary doctors consultation and summary report, detailing the following indicators.

Tumour Markers Screened

  • AFP (Alpha-Feto Protein)

  • CEA

  • NSE

  • CA 19-9

  • CA 125 (Female Only)

  • CA 153 (Female Only)

  • PSA (Male Only)

  • Free PSA (Male Only)

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