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Lung Monitoring Kit

Frequently asked questions

My oximeter does not respond when you turn it on

- Check that the device contains working batteries. - Try and replace the batteries with new batteries. - If the device is still not turning on, please contact our team

The oximeter will not pick up a patient HR or saturation

- Remove any finger tattoos, nail polish, gel acrylic or henna, or choose another finger that is free from finger tattoos, nail polish, gel acrylic or henna. - If you have any hyperpigmentation (dark spots) on the finger, please choose another finger as this will affect the accuracy of the data. - Make sure that you are sitting still, with your arm resting on a support. - It is difficult for the oximeter to take readings when the patient is too cold. Try to warm the fingers before trying again. - Clean the probe gently to clear the sensor from any debris, dust or particles that may be interfering with the signal. - If the device is still not picking up the signal, please contact our team

Which finger should I use to measure most accurately

For most accurate results, please use the middle finger or the thumb of the right hand.

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