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Vitamin C when administered through IV can form reactive species that damage Viral DNA?

Our Principles

At IV Lyfe, we believe in drug-free methodology and only uses organic and inorganic vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help improve your body functions according to your lifestyle. Click to find out more about the benefit of each ingredient.

IV LYFE’s Story


A guided path to Wellness. IV LYFE was found with a conscientious spirit to allow people to live and enjoy their current lifestyle while minimizing negative health impact. Every idea starts with a problem; ours is simple that the modern lifestyle is very demanding. IV LYFE provides the most premium vitamin drip to our customers while striving to educate the young generation to start taking care of their health while living the demanding lifestyle. We value honest guidance, better ingredient and personalize each IV for all lifestyle.

Situated in the heart of Bangkok, IV LYFE is located as part of Brio Clinic in the Intercontinental Bangkok on Ploenchit Road (BTS Chid Lom). Click on the link below for our google map link!

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