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Fortify your Immune System

Containing 15000mg megadose of Vitamin C and other immune strengthening  vitamins and minerals including Zinc, and Selenium,  fortify your immune cells against infection, and increase your rate of cell repair, and healing.

Note: This is an advanced formulation with high-dose Vitamin C. In order to qualify for this formula you need to test G6PD (280 Baht) and the result will take 1 day. Our medical team will inform you whether you qualify to do this formula.

Active Ingredient Profile

Characteristic Ingredients That Give You The Boost You Need


The Defender Drip is made to boost your immune system and aid in detoxification. It contains a megadose of Vitamin C, our German-imported Gluthathione, and Selenium, which togeter combine to help combat bacteria, and common viruses. 



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